About The Company

Boss Behavior Clothing, is a black owned family clothing line based out of Atlanta, GA.

(Founded By Aaliyah Nelson A. BKA His Favorite Trapper)

Boss Behavior Clothing is luxury street fashion that is fun for the entire family. Boss Behavior can be seen on many celebrities such as Kash Doll, DC Young Fly, Lil Baby, D4L ‘ members, Stunt Man and Mook B, Fabo, and the list goes on. 
Boss Behavior is not only a lifestyle but a state of mind. It is a desire or result that a person envisions and commits to achieve.
Our brand goal is to recognized all over the world. We share resources and stories to promote entrepreneurship. We honor each and everyone of our customers. We want everyone to know if you see someone wearing Boss Behavior Clothing "they are on another level". We encourage our customers to post pictures in their t-shirts, then we repost them on our sites. We praise all our customers. Our customers are the reason for everything we do.  If there is anything you don't see on our website and would like to see, please feel free to contact us. Every time you purchase an item from our store you are supporting a dream. Thanks for your support!