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About Us

Aaliyah Nelson A., wife /mom/ designer, started Boss Behavior Clothing in 2012. Aaliyah was born in Miami but raised in Atlanta, GA. Aaliyah has always been outgoing and self motivated. Growing up in a single parent household, Aaliyah was determined to beat the odds. On the road to success, she has faced many challenges . She was forced to fight for trademark rights against on one the biggest names in the fashion industry. After she won the case, Aaliyah knew God had put this calling on her life to to dress and impact others.  Aaliyah is focused on creating generational wealth for her and her family. She wants to be able to leave her kid’s kids something positive behind. Aaliyah has a B.A degree in business and works really hard on her dream. She enjoys swimming, laughing, shopping and dressing up.  “When I started my clothing line , I wanted to have a clothing line that everyone could wear so I named it Boss Behavior Clothing. I can be a tom boy at times so I wanted to create a clothing line that was fun and stylish for the entire family” said Aaliyah. 7 years later, Aaliyah is still at it and getting sales from all over the world. She is still learning and growing. She is always giving back to the youth and her community. She loves the smile on people face when they are wearing Boss Behavior Clothing. She vows to never give up.